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Generation 2 arriving soon!

By April 28, 2017Info

A great deal of energy, research and product testing has gone into designing the NEW CLICKnRIDE® removable indicators.

We’ve taken our innovative click-release system and improved just about every part to make it better, stronger and more rugged.

The new lens and body design gives CLICKnRIDE lights a whole new modern look, combining frosted surfaces with a rebated crystal clear lens area featuring 3D optics. The lens is now ultra-sonically welded to the body providing a complete seal that won’t come apart under any conditions.

Inside, everything has been soldered, screwed and glued down resulting in a vibration-proof light. New premium quality Philips surface mounted LEDs deliver a lifetime of operation and performance.

The new socket now features easy-fit installation and a new rubber Moisture Guard that envelopes the light stalk when clicked-in so no splashes, mud or dust can get in. The plug fits into the back of the light providing a fail-safe connection to the socket.

Both the new light and socket are compatible with the Original Design CLICKnRIDEs so you can upgrade your existing set with the new Moisture Guard and lights that are sold separately.

Best of all, our innovative click-release system, that has no moving parts that to wear out, means you have the ultimate solution for avoiding expensive and inconvenient repairs to broken indicators when bush-bashing and when you’re back on the highway, you can travel with complete peace of mind knowing CLICKnRIDE are 100% ADR compliant.

All our effort has delivered:

• better design
• better functionality
• better quality
• better price!

The new CLICKnRIDE 4 and 2 Set Kits have performance and quality built in and with a better design leading to more efficiency during production, we have been able to pass on those savings with better pricing.

Many of our Stockists have pre-ordered so that we can get them out to stores as quickly as possible.

We look forward to completing production in May and giving riders a quick, simple and effective solution to the age-old problem of broken indicators or unwanted scrutiny by police after a great day’s ride.