Removable turn indicators

Your weekend just got a whole lot better!


Don't risk it

Safety without compromise



Fits most bikes and brands -
enduro, adventure, street


Built tough

Quality components,
E Mark certified


Never smash your turn indicators again!

Quick release

Stack your bike and your average turn indicators are gonna be your first casualty. Kiss this experience goodbye! CLICKnRIDE uses our innovative quick-release plug to let you remove the indicator in seconds. No tools – simply click them out by hand in seconds and stash them safely in your backpack while you go off-road.

Safety Without Compromise

Tested in rugged Australian terrain and built using premium quality materials and construction, CLICKnRIDE amplify your visibility with high intensity LEDs paired with a unique 3D lens, designed to ensure you have a safe, hassle-free ride home after every ride!

Fully road legal

E-Mark certified. CLICKnRIDE® are fully road compliant. Now you don’t have to risk riding home and getting a fine.

Nothing like it

CLICKnRIDE® are universal LED turn signals for off-road and enduro dirt bikes. With our innovative click-release system, riders can simply and instantly remove their turn signals when off-road and protect them from being broken off in a fall, a swipe of a tree or other obstacles. CLICKnRIDE® solve motorcycle rider’s top 3 concerns – broken indicators when riding trails or tracks, keeping safe when back on the road and complying with local rules.


Everything you need to know - compatibility charts, installation instructions and more.


What are you waiting for? CLICK'n'RIDE are available at local dealers throughout Australia and the world so there's one right near you. Head out and start enjoying your weekends instead of being stuck in the shed repairing broken indicators!


What our customers are saying after switching to CLICK'n'RIDE.

All new body and lens with seamless, ultra-sonic sealed lens.
3D Lens Optics powered by premium quality SMT Philips LEDs.
Proven click-release spindle with no moving parts to wear out. (Reverse compatible with original-design socket).
All new rubber moisture guard eliminates water splashes, dust and mud from the socket and surrounding area for easy clicking in and out. (Reverse compatible with original-design lights).
All new easy-fit socket.
Lens combines unique frosted outer surface with concave, crystal-bright inner zone featuring 3D ‘cats-eye’ lens optics.
Vibration-proof components. Everything has been soldered, glued and screwed down!
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