CLICKnRIDE® detachable motorcycle blinkers

Never smash your motorcycle turn indicators again!

Yamaha WR450 rider showing CLICKnRIDE turn indicator being inserted

Quick Release Turn Indicators

Stack your bike and your average turn indicators are gonna be your first casualty. Kiss this experience goodbye! CLICKnRIDE uses our innovative quick-release plug to let you remove the indicator in seconds. No tools – simply click them out by hand in seconds and stash them safely in your backpack while you go off-road.

Safety Without Compromise 1:30

Tested in rugged Australian terrain and built using premium quality materials and construction, CLICKnRIDE amplify your visibility with high intensity LEDs paired with a unique 3D lens, designed to ensure you have a safe, hassle-free ride home after every ride!

KTM 450EXC rider showing CLICKnRIDE tun indicator being inserted

Fully Road Legal

E-Mark certified. CLICKnRIDE® are fully road compliant. Now you don’t have to risk riding home and getting a fine.

Universal Design

CLICKnRIDE® look great on any motorcycle and come with our tested and proven quick-release system. The UNIVERSAL socket can be installed on virtually any bike including Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Husaberg, Husqvarna, SWM, Gas Gas + more.

Simple, rugged construction. Premium quality materials.

CLICKnRIDE® indicators have no moving parts to wear out and are made to last using quality materials and parts. Philips LEDs provide a high brightness, stable amber colour light source for up to 50,000 hours! Each part is fastened down tight to withstand the harshest environments. The new 3D lens featuring sculpted surfaces and 'cats-eye' optics is ultra-sonically welded to provide a waterproof, seamless finish around the whole lens and the new socket features a clever, integrated Moisture Guard cap to seal the socket from water, mud and dirt ingress when you're out riding trails and the indicators are stashed.

At the heart of the design is our innovative CLICKnRIDE® system - invented because we got sick of running around chasing parts and spending weekends in the shed doing repairs instead of being out on the trails!

E-Mark Certified

CLICKnRIDE® have undergone stringent testing to ensure they are road legal. Tests have been conducted according to the UNECE R50 Standard which not only includes lamp intensity, colour, distances and angles, amongst other specifications required for motorcycles, but also ensuring they are made according to ISO9001.

The UNECE test is the most robust in the world and therefore many countries including Australia adopt this Standard.

What They’re Saying

“Normally I would break one blinker every time I head out. I have had no breaks since I swapped over to the ‘Click n Ride’ system. They have payed for themselves already. I love the product.”

Damien C.Boronia Heights, QLD

“It is exactly what I needed!
I have a WR 250 and nearly every time I go for a ride in the bush I break my blinkers and it takes me a while to find the time to fix them so I can go out on the road again. So I would like to say a big THANK YOU! for this Click n Ride system, I tried it out on the weekend and loved them”

Scott B.Mt Tambourine, QLD

“The price might seem a lot to begin with but working out how much you spend on replacing blinkers that get broken in the bush and the fines you can get from not having working blinkers, these will save you money in the long run.”

Travis R.QLD

“Super fast delivery. Easy to install. What a great idea!”

Jack G.Coffs Harbour, NSW
All new body and lens with seamless, ultra-sonic sealed lens.
3D Lens Optics powered by premium quality SMT Philips LEDs.
Proven click-release spindle with no moving parts to wear out. (Reverse compatible with original-design socket).
All new rubber moisture guard eliminates water splashes, dust and mud from the socket and surrounding area for easy clicking in and out. (Reverse compatible with original-design lights).
All new easy-fit socket.
Lens combines unique frosted outer surface with concave, crystal-bright inner zone featuring 3D ‘cats-eye’ lens optics.
Vibration-proof components. Everything has been soldered, glued and screwed down!
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